Monday, 3 September 2012

NR#38 - GO GO ROCKET CUNT - Naked Star Is A Pussy

1. Naked Star is a Pussy
2. I'm calling you out naked star, this is war, pussy
 3. i may be a sexist bigot but at least i dont like it up the butt like you
4. Even My Drone Song is Better than that Stolen Shit You Call Pornogrind
5. words cannot express how gay you are (Naked Star is a Pussy Part 2)
6. picking up chicks at a disney concert is gay
7. Naked Star's music is all stolen from actually good bands
8. DIY or Die, Pussy
9. kicking your friend off the stage because your mom said so makes you a cum swallower
10. Naked Faggot (Naked Star is a Pussy Part 3)
11. I wrote short songs to symbolize your small dick
12. Naked Star's biggest fan is his momm
13. i wrote you a ballad because youre a faggot
14. Sucked cock just to play a show
15. Naked Star? More like cemetary rapist poser in a wrestling mask
16. writing offensive music makes me a talented artist
17. try not to steal my songs when you attempt to write a Go Go Rocket Cunt hate album

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