Monday, 3 September 2012

E. Coli MySpace Grindface Cybergrind Mixtape

A mix tape of classic cybergrind and digi acts from the old MySpace days constructed by our very own E. Coli! It's a nice little history lesson to newcomers to the scene who don't know much of the old scene when MySpace was still a tolerable website to navigate.

NR#51 - I'm Heading For A Bomb Shelter - Sorry, Wrong Castle (Demo)

1. Intro
2. Rainbow Road (IAE Cover)
3. Warp Tunnel To A World With No Sky
4. If gary's bulbasaur uses vine whip one more time...
5. My Metapod Can Use Hyperbeam, Can Yours?
6. Good Luck With Sephiroth, I'm Going To Viridian Forest To Hang Out With Some Bug Pokemon

NR#50 - Perish Song - Indigo EP

1. Broken Trust And Bones
2. Welcome To The Feed
3. Ocean Dream (demo with crap vocals)
4. 7 Sins
5. Milotic In Dm (RUHB)
6. Indigo
7. The Aftermath (Slightly Improvised)

NR#49 - Rectangles Revenge - Kid B vs The Allombus (Remastered!)

1. Rectangles Revenge
2. Making Our Way (Interlude)
3. Pearl Street
4. Fever
5. The Allombus
6. February
7. 5 Years Past
8. Wake

NR#48 - pawk-man - Pickle

1. toOoOothpaste 666
2. aroma
3. dix
4. no
5. h8
6. bass drop

NR#47 - And The Coffin Smiled Back - Self-titled EP

1. We Are Cadavers
2. The Monster
3. Polybius
4. Moonlights Eve
5. Edulrenti
6. The Killing Tree
7. Forest Fire
8. Omega Sonata